Interest rates on loans are determined byA. your credit profileB. credit bureausc. whatever the lender wants to chargeD. the amount owed at various times

Accepted Solution

Answer:A but read the answers carefully.Step-by-step explanation:The question is "Who are you getting the loan from?"If it is  a payday loan company, it can vary quite a bit and they usually can justify their usury.If it is from a bank, they have a rigid set of standards. If you can jump through the hoops, the rate will be fixed, but only if you qualify.Credit bureaus keep track of how well you pay your debts. A good score will influence low rate lenders, but it is not the only factor.D would seem to be correct and there is such a thing as a sliding interest rate, but I don't think that's the answer.It's not C. And it's not D. So your choice is between A and B. They are so close. I'm going to choose A, but do not be surprised if it is B