HELP PLEASE! Thanks :)1. Select all irrational numbers.10−−√27−−√49−−√64−−√99−−√2. Select all irrational numbers.316−−√416−−√916−−√34√94√3. Select all numbers that are irrational.144−−−√π0.458√

Accepted Solution

The formatting on this question is rather poor. I am going to assume that 10â’â’âš actually means square root of 10. And will assume that for the other options of the same style. And in fact all of the options for all of the questions here are the square root of some number except for the options of Ď€ and 0.45. With that in mind, review what an rational number is. A rational number is any number that can be represented as a fraction with integer numerator and divisor. 1. sqrt(10) * This is an irrational number. Sqrt(10) = sqrt(2)*sqrt(5) and you should have been told time and time again, that sqrt(2) is irrational. But also sqrt(5) is irrational as well. sqrt(27) Irrational sqrt(49) Rational. Value is 7 which can be represented as 7/1 sqrt(64) Rational. Value is 8 which can be represented as 8/1 sqrt(99) Irrational 2. sqrt(316) Irrational sqrt(416) Irrational sqrt(916) Irrational sqrt(34) Irrational sqrt(94) Irrational 3. sqrt(144) Rational. Value is 12 which can be represented as 12/1 Ď€ Irrational. Pi is a non repeating, non terminating value. 0.45 Rational. Can be represented as 9/20 sqrt(8) Irrational.