For what values of x is x2-36=5x true?-9 and -4-4 and 94 and -99 and 4

Accepted Solution

Answer: SECOND OPTIONStep-by-step explanation: Given the following equation: [tex]x^2-36=5x[/tex] You can follow these steps in order to find the values of "x" that makes the equation true: 1. Subtract [tex]5x[/tex] from both sides of the equation: [tex]x^2-36-5x=5x-5x\\\\x^2-5x-36=0[/tex] 2. Factor the equation. Find two numbers whose sum be -5 and whose product be -36. These are 4 and -9: [tex](x+4)(x-9)=0[/tex] Then you get: [tex]x_1=-4\\\\x_2=9[/tex] Checking: [tex](-4)^2-36=5(-4)\\\\-20=-20[/tex] TRUE [tex](9)^2-36=5(9)\\\\45=45[/tex] TRUE