Evas cell phone plan allows her to send up to 125 text messages per month. If she sent 90 texts so far, what percent of her monthly message limit has she used?

Accepted Solution

Answer: 72%Step-by-step explanation:We know that the milit of text messages is 125, so this number is the 100%. We can represent this as follows: Text messages     Percentage          125          ⇒        100%and we want to know what porcentage is 90 text, also i will call this unknown porcentage x:Text messages     Percentage          125          ⇒        100%           90          ⇒        x%To solve this problem we use the rule of three: we multiply the cross quantities on the table (100% and 90) and divide that by the remaining amount (125):x% = (100%)(90) / 125x% = 9000% / 125x% = 72%