Amelia, Luis, Shauna, and Clarence used different approaches to solve the inequality 7.2b + 6.5 > 4.8b – 8.1. Amelia started by subtracting 7.2b from both sides to get 6.5 > –2.4b – 8.1. Luis started by subtracting 4.8b from both sides to get 2.4b + 6.5 < – 8.1. Shauna started by subtracting 6.5 from both sides to get 7.2b > 4.8b – 14.6. Clarence started by adding 8.1 to both sides to get 7.2b + 14.6 > 4.8b. Which student’s first step was incorrect, and why? Amelia’s, because the variable term must be isolated on the left side Luis’s, because he flipped the inequality sign when he subtracted Shauna’s, because she did not apply the subtraction property of equality properly Clarence’s, because the terms he added together were not like terms

Accepted Solution

Given inequality is 7.2b + 6.5 > 4.8b – 8.1In solving equations related to inequalities, we can move the variables on the other side, or the numbers to the other side. And the sign of the inequality only change when we divide or multiply the whole inequality by negative number . So first steps of Amelia, Shauna and Clarence are correct and since Luis flip the inequality sign on subtracting 4.8 b, so Luis first step is not correct .