Allele frequencies can change across the geographic range of a species according to climate, geological features, or direction in the range. For instance, a certain allele frequency might go up along with the elevation or down as you go south in the species' range. This systematic change in frequency is referred to as

Accepted Solution

Answer:MicroevolutionStep-by-step explanation:It is a systematic change in allele(gene) frequency in a population of living organisms over a certain period of time.This change maybe caused by :1.Mutation-A change in genetic composition of an organism due to environmental factors such as the excessive exposure of an organism to radiation.2.Natural selection-Which occurs when some organisms have to survive a changing environment as a result of the possesion of some beneficial traits.3.Gene flow-which involves the transfer of genes from one population to another.4.Genetic drift-which is a difference or variation in the genetic make-up among organisms of the same species.