A triangle with coordinates A(1, 1), B(4, 2), C(3, 5) is translated three units down and five units to the left. What are the coordinates of the new triangle

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]A' = (-4,-2)\\B'=(-1,-1)\\C'=(-2, 2)[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:Given:[tex]A = (1,1)\\B=(4,2)\\C=(3,5)[/tex]A translation upward or downward affects the [tex]y[/tex] value of a coordinate while a translation left or right affects the [tex]x[/tex] value of a coordinate.We are translating the whole triangle down three units, so we subtract all the[tex]y[/tex] values by 3.We are also translating the whole triangle to left left five units, so we will subtract all the [tex]x[/tex] values by 5.[tex]A = (1-5,1-3)\\B=(4-5,2-3)\\C=(3-5,5-3)[/tex]New Coordinates:[tex]A' = (-4,-2)\\B'=(-1,-1)\\C'=(-2, 2)[/tex]